Sweetest Song of home



Swimming out far into the ocean is one of my favorite feelings to experience. Every part of the practice brings out some sort of intense feeling, whether it be a sense of pain, sorrow, love, peacefulness. Every sensation comes rushing over you like a cool wave, combing back my hair, the chilly water emitting goosebumps all over my body. The heartbeat of the Ocean bringing me up closer to the sky as it rises. For a second, I cannot touch the soft sand below. For a second, I am floating in space, engulfed in a creature so much greater than myself. I close my eyes with each rise and lift my chest and head towards the sun above me. I hear the seagulls as they begin to squeal for food, letting the others know they have found abandoned sustenance on the beach below.

This is my peace, my paradise, my home. Here, the Ocean could engulf me, wrap me up in its cool, unctuous seaweed and kiss me with its salty lips and I would be in harmony. Even the sand below welcomes my feet every time the waves rush off to meet the land far behind us. Oh, how the sand feels so soft. Oh, how I feel so light. As light as a feather, as deep as a well. As alive as the sun.

I begin to welcome the Ocean in, sinking far below the waves. I lay on the on the marine sand, untouched by others. I no longer need air to live, only the ocean around me. I regress back to the creature I was millions of years ago. The land is no longer my home. The Ocean called to me. She sang me her song in such a sorrowful melody. I couldn’t leave her. Not again.

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