Sweetest Song of home

  Swimming out far into the ocean is one of my favorite feelings to experience. Every part of the practice brings out some sort of intense feeling, whether it be a sense of pain, sorrow, love, peacefulness. Every sensation comes rushing over you like a cool wave, combing back my hair, the chilly water emitting... Continue Reading →

Update on my Sobriety

Good morning all! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. I am working on a calendar for my blog to ensure that I have happy, healthy topics to discuss throughout the months. I wanted to have Tuesdays and Thursdays set to let you all know what is going on in my life... Continue Reading →

5 ways to learn how to love yourself

5 ways to learn how to love yourself Soo… Guess who has been slacking on Yoga? This girl right here! I am still smoking and drinking coffee/energy drinks, but you know what? Guess who isn't drinking or taking pills or smoking marijuana? Yep, this girl right here! Although I am not using all the tools... Continue Reading →

Hold on Tight!!

  Sobriety is a tricky notion. We must abstain from that which we so vitally crave because it destroys who we are. And with all of the tools we are given, through AA, rehab, online, blogs and peers, we seem to distance ourselves from what we should be cozzying up to. How crazy is that?... Continue Reading →

I am…Habitually confused with my own existence and that isn’t a bad thing. I am enjoying every step of my journey towards self discovery.

I posted something like this on my personal Facebook, and there were many people who were worried about me. Apparently being habitually confused with my own existence is seen as me being depressed, but I think the opposite! It's beautiful to be confused of one's own existence. Confusion often leads to exploration and you can... Continue Reading →

Odd one out

Tuesday night meetings are always the most difficult for me. My insecurities come out and end up partying all through it, taunting me with anxious thoughts and feelings. Art's ex goes to that meeting with her new boyfriend. She doesn't seem to want anything to do with me, which is a shame because I was... Continue Reading →

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