just for shits and giggles

Today I received some scary but exciting news; I was accepted into an inpatient treatment facility to help me overcome my alcoholism, relational issues and anxiety. I will be in treatment for 30 days and am beyond nervous. For one, I am terrified of flying on planes. I need to fly on a plane in... Continue Reading →

actions and reactions

Tonight I learned a very valuable lesson; I learned how my actions affect other people. After going through a stressful situation, I threw up all my feelings onto someone close to me. I didn't even know I was doing it until it was all over. Then I was able to take a step back and... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe

I am sitting here on the couch watching a funny T.V show, my pup laying right next to me, her head in my lap. I am so happy to be in this moment; something so hard for me to do. To be in this moment means I need to let yesterday go and not give... Continue Reading →

In time

In time everything will feel alright. It does now, but my anxiety keeps me on edge. I am working on my anxiety but I stopped doing some very important self care tasks. For instance, I am not meditating or doing yoga in the morning like I was. I am not blogging every night like I... Continue Reading →

hardest decision

Today is not a good day. I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I had to let go of the person closest to me in order to seek further treatment. I hurts so bad. It sucks that I am not prepared to go back into daily life and that I love someone... Continue Reading →

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