Safest way to travel

I had cravings to drink today. I leave my IOP next week and need to get on a plane to fly home. I am terrified of flying and what I use to do when afraid was drink. I would drink a couple glasses of wine while waiting for my plane and then order another cocktail... Continue Reading →

“It’s noooo good” category

The past couple of days have been hard. Going through IOP (Intensive outpatient treatment), you become aware of somethings you weren’t aware of before and may not want to be aware of. I finally understand the whole “ignorance is bliss” saying. Sometimes it can be blissful to be ignorant of what is going on around... Continue Reading →

What do I need to do for myself

I had a pretty deep conversation with my mama today about how I have repeated habits that negatively affect me over and over again. I have repeated the same pattern starting at 18 years old, again when I was 22 and finally, at 26 (present) I have done it once more. So why have I repeated this same pattern? Well, first... Continue Reading →

You got this!

This picture is beautiful to me so I thought I would share. I took it on a roadtrip I had to New Mexico and love the contrast between the rocks and trees. And on another note... I went hiking today! And it was DIFFICULT! Before it started I already wanted it to be over, and... Continue Reading →

“You’re going to make mistakes. Thousands of them, everybody does. But the important thing is you’re going to need to bounce back. You can’t just give up after every failure.” – G.R via 15 second fairy (Tumblr)

This is so true! We make thousands of mistakes, but the important thing is that we learn and grow from our them. We can’t let them bring us down, we need to have them bring us up. I remember someone telling me that if your not making mistakes, then your not growing. Your not pushing... Continue Reading →

My Handy Dandy Toolbox

After reading some blogs tonight, I have come to the realization that becoming sober isn't a sacrifice, its a new beginning. It isn't something to be ashamed of, it's a badge of honor I should wear proudly. The best part about it is that it is a way to introduce myself to me. I realized that I... Continue Reading →

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